May I present my portfolio

In it is expressed the joys, learnings and gratitude to the people who have allowed me to grow from their hand in union with my collaborators. It will be an honor and commitment to be able to link my name, professional career in some of its purposes and projects.

Thank you for allowing me to reach you with the joy of color and imagination.


Lucy Cuenca

  • Dra. Marivel Rivera - Ocasio
    "Imagination, creation and application are his greatest treasures, perseverance, love and devotion to all are his greatest strengths,
    Dra. Marivel Rivera - Ocasio
  • Kobby Adjena - Kasapreko - África
    "I express my appreciation for working with you.You're an exceptional person that clarifies every corner of the building where you walk.You're an" IDEAL WOMAN "with your work and with your personality.People like you are hard to find.You are an asset Not only for her family but also for humanity.When I and Mary are writing our life story, her name would be written in gold "
    Kobby Adjena - Kasapreko - África
  • Joanne Joseph - Gerente general I.M.G./ Strong Arm
    "Lucy Cuenca is an avid interior decorator who made artistic painting and decorations for our IMG offices. As well as the house of music artist Flo Rida Lucy is very organized and extremely competent. She is very kind and helpful, she is very friendly and everyone is very detail oriented, she is oriented and cares about her work.I highly recommend Lucy for any interior decoration.His knowledge and work ethic are a valuable asset "
    Joanne Joseph - Gerente general I.M.G./ Strong Arm

Editorial project

Our book is personalized It contains a wide range of working tools to help the reader organize spaces with harmony and balance. It offers what an expert art lover would expect to find, as well as anything that any inexperienced amateur wants to learn.
A furniture organizer is born, trained and educated. The interior decoration book I offers the reader the opportunity to become familiar with the decoration of the homes and realize it with the knowledge; Applying practical ideas to personalize the different areas with their own style. That is why in Volume I we highlight the application and handling of color, different painting techniques, themes and basic tools of the decorators to apply in their work.

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